Are You Suffer Boils on Breast? Discover Boils on Breast Symptoms and Treatment

Have you ever experienced boil on breast? It must be very painful is not it? Far from feeling any pain to see these boils is an unpleasant sight. Sometimes it was almost as big as the size of our nipple. If you do experience this, you must be vigilant. Because you feel like this is in fact not boils but another skin disorder known as Hidradenitis suppurativa (HS). But this is only possibility and you need to make sure it before treating it like boil on breast.

What is Hidradenitis suppurativa? This is sort of a chronic skin condition with symptoms of boils that often recur. HS is most common in the armpit area, under the thigh, groin and cases that are often found on the breast, under the breasts, buttocks, around the genitals, eyelids and scalp.

Until now the leading cause of HS is unclear, and doctors had caught a glimpse of this is to boil it so it must need a deeper diagnosis. Suspected caused is because of blockage of the apocrine gland follicles, genetic and hormonal factors. There is also its relationship to smoking and obesity.

HS is more common in women than men with its ratio of 3:1. And often occur during puberty and peaks at age 20-30 years. This disease is a rare disease, so doctors sometimes misdiagnose. But that distinguishes HS with the ordinary boils are the cause of HS instead due to hygiene problems and is not contagious.

Treatment Boil on Breast

The best way for treatment of boils on breast is to apply heat on the boils with the purpose of attracting white blood cells into the infected area to fight infection. Applying warm gentle pressure with the help of warm water bottle is a pretty helpful. Try applying a warm compress for 15 minutes then allowed standing for 15 minutes then repeat again. Do this several times a day if possible.
Another option is easy by using a homeopathic spray to relieve boils and prevent it to appear again. With this homeopathic spray boils will be healed and will get rid of boils faster.

But to ensure that boils in your breast it just a common boils instead the HS disease is by visit to a doctor to check. Or you can discovering this boils is it grow repetitive or not. When it boils occur again and again then there is the possibility of HS disease and you immediately go to hospital for examination the boil on breast.


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