Natural Cures for Boils and Carbuncles

A boil is local infection of the skin containing pus and showing on the skin as a reddened tender swelling – it’s a type of skin abscess. Carbuncles are similar to boils. They are hard, pus filled, painful inflammations. They are larger and more deeply rooted than boils and have several openings. They are often a symptom of poor general health. Both boils and carbuncles are caused by a bacterial infection. These micro-organisms are on the skin but they don’t do any damage unless the resistance is lowered by poor general health, diabetes, nutritional deficiencies, friction or cuts. When the bacteria gains entry to the skin they settle in the hair follicle or sebaceous glands. To deal with the infection a large number of white blood cells travel to the site and attack the invading bacteria. Some of the bacteria and white blood cells die and form (at least in part) pus. The bacteria can be overcome and the boils subsides by itself or the pus can build up pressure on the skin surface so that it ruptures, drains and heals.

What you can do to treat boils and carbuncles

It is necessary to treat the infection itself but more importantly to increase the overall health and resistance of the body. If you frequently suffer from boils or carbuncles you need a general assessment of your health, lifestyle and diet. You will benefit from detoxifying your body.

  • Make sure that your diet contains plenty of fruit and vegetables.
  • Take a vitamin C (specifically calcium ascorbate – which is a non acidifying form of vitamin C) and a general vitamin and mineral supplement to assist in fighting the infection.

Herbs that can be used to cleanse your liver include:

  • dandelion
  • milk thistle
  • burdock root

Take plenty of garlic as this is a great natural antibiotic.

Herbs that can boost the immune system include:

  • echinacea
  • huang qi

Herbs to fight the infection include:

  • myrrh
  • thyme
  • dandelion root
  • burdock

The following remedy is considered a specific for boils, as it will aid the lymphatic system:

2 parts echinacea

1 part pasque flower

2 parts wild indigo

1 part poke root

Combine all the ingredients. Take 1 teaspoon of the herb blend and place into a suitable sized saucepan and add one cup of boiling water. Allow this to stand for 10-15 minutes. Strain out the herbs. Drink 1 cup three times per day.

Externally an ointment or poultice should be used to draw the pus from the boil. A poultice can be made from:

  • marshmallow leaf
  • cabbage leaf

To make the cabbage leaf poultice take a few of the inner leaves of the white cabbage. Wash them well and dry them lightly. The large ribs can be removed and the leaves tapped with a rolling pin to soften them. Place the leaves on the affected area and hold them in place with a loose bandage. Leave for half an hour and then replace the old leaves with new ones.

If you suffer from boils or carbuncles you need to work on improving your overall health. This will include cleansing your colon, liver and lymphatic system. By cleansing your body you will improve the function of your immune system and enhance your ability to keep bacteria from causing a problem. Get your copy of Safe Colon Cleansing: Your Good Health Guide and begin the process now.

Author: Dr Jenny Tylee

Dr Jenny Tylee is an experienced health professional who is passionate about health and wellbeing. She believes that health is not just absence of disease and seeks to actively promote vitality and wellness through empowering others. She encourages people to improve their health by quit smoking, cleansing their body, taking essential vitamin and mineral supplement and many other methods, including herbal remedies.

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