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Boils are very iritating disease it painfull and it looks not good on skin. Once you know what the causes of boils then you need to know on how to treat them.  If you looking for skin boils treatment that are really works you should read this information about  treatment for boils on skin.

Boil or furuncle is a skin disease caused by the inflammation of hair follicles, thus resulting in the localized accumulation of pus and dead tissues. Every time, the area becomes firm and hard. blood cells that the body sends from the blood stream to eradicate the infection. This collection of white blood cells, bacteria, and proteins is known as pus. If there are multiple heads, the lesion is called a ‘carbuncle’. Large boils form abscesses, defined as an accumulation of pus within a cavity.

Several boils joined together with tunnels under the skin are called a carbuncle. These germs already exist on the skin and in the nose of some people without causing any problems. Boils often occur in places where clothing catches on the skin, where the body rubs against itself, or where the skin is sweaty.

Causes of Boils

The common Causes of Boils:

When the blood becomes toxic owing to faulty living style and dietic errors, it tends to give rise to boils.

One of the major factors that can be held responsible for the development of boils are staphylococcus germs that make their entry into the body through sweat glands.

Symptoms of Boils

Some Symptoms of Boils:

A fever develops.

General discomfort, uneasiness, or ill feeling (malaise) (occasionally)

More boils may appear around the original one.

Fatigue (occasionally)

Lymph nodes become swollen.

Skin redness or inflammation around the boil

Treatment of Boils

A paste is made out of turmeric powder and Holy Basil juice. This paste could be applied over the Boils.

Paste of Cumin seeds with water could be applied on boils for fast relief.

A paste of mustard seeds is also a great home remedy for boils.

Betel leaf warmed coated with Castor oil should be applied on the boils 2-3 times a day.

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