What Causes Boils On Your Body?

What causes boils on your body? Genetics is that patterns of eating or not? Or is it something to do with the kind of environment we live in? Why are some people more prone to boils than others? To answer these questions, we need to understand how decreases occur.

The inflammation of hair follicles is what initially causes the formation of boils. This causes the pus and dead tissue build up in the area. The active body defense mechanisms will sends white blood cells to fight this infection through the bloodstream. These white blood cells accumulate in this area along with bacteria and proteins and form a white substance called pus. When the boils are presented in groups, it is known as ‘Anthrax’. Abscesses are formed when a large amount of pus that accumulates in a cavity.

Now we know that is what causes the infection is reduced but the question is why this infection? This infection occurs dlue to a weakened immune system due to conditions such as diabetes. Poor hygiene is also another cause of the infection. Poor dietary habits including regular consumption of greasy fast food and lifestyle are also major causes boils on your body.

Boils usually disappear by themselves, but sometimes the situation may become serious. Here are some of the symptoms of boils to watch out for:


Feeling sick

Increase in boiling

Tiredness or fatigue

Swollen lymph nodes

There are several types of treatments available to cure boils. These range from resistance to antibiotics of simple home remedies, depending on the seriousness of the situation. Regular application of jus simple home remedy basil and turmeric powder can do wonders in the early stages. A paste of cumin seeds with water can help reduce discomfort.

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